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Imagine you're playing in a volleyball match. The setter sets up the ball for you and you come in, and slam the ball to the floor. In many ways, peer tutoring is like .
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Peer Tutor on Prewriting

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Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Educators are beginning to understand the value that is one student learning from another. Middle school is a wonderful time for school age children. They are midway through their academic journey. Students at this age are receptive and excited about mathematical concepts Strong Essays words 3.

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Foreword: Tutoring is a tool in helping the children in their academic needs. The tutor guides them in answering their assignments as well as teaching them techniques in solving problems. This paper is aimed at describing tutor functional duties, tips on promoting student motivation, advantages and disadvantages of tutoring and my personal experience of tutoring students Writers have the ability to be distinct and creative when working with text, and can present their thoughts and ideas in a manner that they find most fitting.

While the act of writing has some structure to it, decisions are ultimately left to the writer; the writer is in charge.

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With this in mind, the act of tutoring writing may seem like a daunting task. Yet, my mission, as a prospective peer tutor is simple: I want to give student writers confidence in their writing abilities in order to transform them into better writers. A collaborative effort establishes dialogue that allows for the emergence of new ideas. By listening intently to the students and looking out for their most prominent concerns, I believe that tutors can effectively ask open-ended questions and pave the way for discussion. I also believe it is important to encourage student writers to come up with new ideas on their own.

Instilling this sense of support and encouragement in students will not only give them a confidence boost, but will begin to mature their writing.

Essay on Tutoring Strategies for Successful Learning

A peer tutor should ultimately create a comfortable atmosphere for the student, as if the student is seeking help from a trustworthy friend. The word peer highlights an important meaning for peer tutors of writing. A peer is someone that a student can relate to and seek advice from on an informal level.